How does it work?

Please have a browse at the inventory listed under the Brampton DC area. Warehouse inventory that has been received to the distribution centre, processed and posted to the website is available to request for your ReStore. Please ensure that you read the details of each item carefully and completely as we try and communicate a lot of detail through the item detail pages of the website. 

As orders for product roll in from ReStores, our D.C. staff will begin assembling your orders for shipping and begin contacting carrier companies for freight rates (if delivery has been requested) based on the amount of product you have requested. As freight rates are confirmed, product will be loaded and shipped to your ReStore. If you are a ReStore that is able to pickup items from the D.C., you'll need to keep an eye on the amount of product you have requested to ensure that you can accomodate it all in your vehicle!

When can I order items?

As new items are received to the DC, we are building up an inventory behind the scenes of new product. At a time determined by D.C., we will notify ReStores of a planned release of new items to the webstore through an email notification. Typically, these emails have gone out 24 hours in advance of new product being made available. 

We do ask that ReStores submit one order per business day from their account. If more than one order is received from a ReStore per day, we may choose to cancel subsequent orders received from the account. 

 What does it cost?

Good question! Participation in this program is entirely voluntary, meaning you are free to participate and order product or not. It does not cost you to maintain an account (in fact we would encourage you to maintain one and regularly visit). The costs associated with this program are two fold: 

  1. A GIK Fee of 15% for the total value of goods provided to your Affiliate/ReStore
  2. Transportation costs. We are happy to source discounted freight rates and seek your approval before shipping, however, the final transportation bill is the responsibility of each Affiliate/ReStore. Costs incurred to send your own vehicle are also something to consider. 

What happens if I make an ordering error?

If there are any problems with your order, or if you would like to amend your order in any way, please contact Daryl Morrison at dmorrison@habitat.ca or 416-624-1675.

I requested for items to be shipped via carrier. When will they arrive?

The process of getting product from the D.C. to your ReStore can take a few days as we work through various transportation brokers to find reasonable and cost effective rates for transporting goods to your ReStore. Often times, the benefits of waiting for a variety of freight rates means better rates are provided and insight is gained into the anticipated costs from various carriers for your particular lane. If there are circumstances that warrant immediate transportation from the D.C. to your ReStore, we can always arrange for the goods to be picked up ASAP, however, we cannot guarantee a decent rate on transport. 

Some of the items provided are labelled TBV. What does this mean?

Many times, product that is received through the D.C. needs to be priced and valued by local ReStores receiving those goods. For instance, any product received from The Home Depot through the D.C. will be labelled as TBV. This simply stands for Too Be Valued and indicates to the receiving ReStore that the items included on that skid must be priced for sale and the total value of all of those goods must be reported to HFH Canada D.C. staff. We do not require an extensive, itemized list of inventory and the associated prices for each item, but we do require the sum total of all items. Reported values for TBV items should be sent to Anika Bartholomew at abartholomew@habitat.ca

When and how are we billed for the items we have received?

Invoices for product provided through the website will be issued through HFH Canada on a monthly basis. All orders facilitated through restoregik.ca are captured "On Account" so there is no need to pay up front for orders of product.