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Anika Bartholomew

National Distribution Center Newsletter - May 2018

Habitat for Humanity Canada’s Open House - May 14, 2018 

Habitat for Humanity International ReStores Monthly News & Updates - May 2018

2018 Post Conference Survey (available until Friday May 26 at 11 PM EST)

State of the ReStore Nation 2017

Official 2017 Year End ReStore Data

2017 Habitat Canada Annual Report


  • Hello ReStore folk!
    I think it would be great (for those who want to participate) to keep in touch and bounce ideas off each other. Some of us have recently met at the AGM etc so its easier to put faces to names.
    I do have retail experience but this is my 1st management role. The products we deal with are not fully in my comfort zone but learning.
    Myself and a lot of staff and volunteers are would definitely like to learn more about what we deal with and learn from people with the right knowledge….any suggestions on where to look into?

    Paul Molyneaux

  • hey Mike. what store are you from? i am from Gateway North (Muskoka etc.)


  • just learning these ropes as we are GROWING to 10,000 feet in a few weeks EXCITING!


  • good, you?


  • i have noticed over the years that hardly any messages are left here. i think i would like to change that. thank you to all the great people at our distribution center and the best of the holiday season to all in the ReStore World.


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